DS Calibration Services
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Scales are checked for accuracy, linearity and corner load. Traceable weights are used to test and calibrate. Scales are adjusted to a national standard or manufacturer’s tolerances.

Balances are checked for accuracy, linearity, repeatability and corner load. Polished stainless steel, class 1 weights are used to calibrate your balances. Accurate calibration weights allow us to have the lowest possible uncertainties when servicing your equipment.

If requested, a calibration certificate is generated. This certificate includes important data, such as: before and after values, date of calibration, environmental conditions, and expressed uncertainty, as well as other information requested for certification. This certificate meets or exceeds all ISO9000 and QS9000 criteria.

A calibration sticker is applied to the instrument to show the technician, serial number, calibration date and next calibration due date. Any problems found with the unit are communicated to the end user.

Scheduled Calibration Services

Nearly all scale manufacturers recommend periodic calibration of their equipment. Most quality control systems require periodic calibration. A DS Calibration Services Scale Service Agreement can control and monitor the frequency of these visits, so your calibration schedules will be followed properly. Our technicians are fully prepared to provide this service according to our quality system, NIST Handbook 44, the manufacturer's guidelines and any specific requirement of your operation.

We provide a Service Agreement designed for the customer's needs:
  • Preventive Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Calibration and adjustments to Manufacturer Specifications
  • Planned scheduled visits
  • Flexible maintenance intervals
  • Priority scheduling
  • Calibration Certificates - needed for ISO-9000 and QS-9000 traceability
Benefits with a DS Calibration service agreement:
  • You will have accurate weighing equipment.
  • We perform calibrations with trained technicians, using weights traceable to NIST.
  • Your weighing equipment will meet manufacturer specifications.
  • You will have available a weighing equipment maintenance history.